Kristen is a pop/folk singer-songwriter from Utah. Driven by powerful lyrics and melodies, Kristen’s music cuts through the superficial and lands directly inside the heart. She continues to captivate audiences, not only with her ability to inspire her listeners and connect, but with her infectious sense of humor. Music is Kristen’s heart and soul; in a past interview with KSL News Kristen said, “If at least one person is brought to tears during my performance then I have done my job. I want to touch hearts and move people the way music moves me”. 

Growing up, music played a very important role in Kristen’s life. It became her passion, a source of peace and strength, and her solace. In 2013 a battle of the bands was announced in Salt Lake City. Kristen decided, on a whim, to enter the competition. She set out to find musicians who could form a band with her, and they began exploring music together. As lead singer, Kristen got a taste of writing and performing. The band was short-lived, but the experience was life changing. It opened her heart and mind to the possibilities of writing and performing her own music. During that time she wrote her first ever original song, “My Heart Passes Time” about her battle with anxiety and OCD. Unfortunately Kristen’s battle with mental illness continued, getting darker and more difficult as time went on. And with that, her dream to pursue music faded. 

In 2017 things began to change. She met and fell in love with her now husband, Sean who encouraged her to pursue music once again. She knew that was exactly what she needed to do. As an independent solo artist, Kristen began performing, writing, and finally recording and releasing multiple singles and one full-length album. Kristen is in the midst of learning music production and writing her second album.